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Acoustic Research AR-M2

Acoustic Research AR-M2

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Bästa portabla mediespelaren

"Kopplade till en stereo spelar AR i en klass för sig. Här finns en bred ljudbild och bra med auktoritet, samtidigt som musik målas med en avslappnad pensel. Det svänger helt enkelt. När buggfixen kommer (ej gapless) så får den här spelaren 10 stjärnor!"

Hifi&Musik med betyget ´Bäst i test´

"The sound quality is superb – we haven’t heard a high-res player sound so punchy, detailed and dynamic"

What Hifi, England

"The sound from the AR-M2 is astounding. For a long time now I have been demoing various DAPs at various price-points and I continuously reach the conclusion that the HUM Pervasion is one of the best sounding players on the market for both its pure sound quality, but also at its price. I’m not suggesting the Pervasion is the best on the market, but it’s good enough that I haven’t been able to justify the cost of other, more expensive players. Well, the AR-M2 completely smashes the Pervasion and I mean obliterates, destroys, outclasses, and demolishes it"

Passion for sound

"The Acoustic Research M2 (or AR-M2) is a fantastic sounding player which is well worthy of a position at its price point. Holding it gives the impression that it's a serious bit of kit, despite all the fun it gives. It has enough power to drive all commonly used headphones well; even 600 ohm cans with sensitivity below 90dB. The large internal memory and the adaptability offered by the Android-based operating system make this a very nice pocketful, although a large one"

Hifi Headphones,

"In terms of performance, it has undoubtedly got the tools to extract every last bit of sonic goodness out of your hi-res music collection. A class act with one or two minor operational flaws"

Hifi Choice, England med stämpeln ´Recommended´


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